EuropAssistance HR Jobs site

EuropAssistance is a Belgium insurance company that required a new website fully customized and integrated with a HR third party by APIs development.

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Our client wanted to create from scratch a Jobs Website where users can have a look at the available positions and also can understand better how the environment at the office is. 

Furthermore, they were looking for additional functionality to the site that would reduce the administration time required within their team when changing the content on the Website.




The beginning

Our customer wanted a bilingual website with a modern design to engage users in order to have a better user experience when applying for a job position.

They also offer several pieces of content to explain how life at EuropAssistance is and what are the benefits to work there. It was important to showcase these, so that prospective employees would be aware of them, helping to grow visibility.

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Third party API integration

In order to expose all the information regarding job positions and applications, we created our API gateway to read from their APIs in order to present and generate a new page, in dutch and in french, with the job offer details. So then, whenever there is a new vacant, automatically the Jobs list will contain it, and when clicking on the details, a new page will be generated with further information.


On top of that, since the time response of the API was too big, we decided to catch the information and expose it directly controlling all the input in our backend.

website development

Creation of shocking animations

Our customer had made it clear that they wanted to catch the attention of the users and invest in quality animations all over the Website.


Improving site speed

One of the many things Google checks for when it decides how to rank a website is how quickly it loads. This is because Google values the user experience, which means a website that runs smoothly and seamlessly will be more likely to rank higher. We worked on increasing our client’s overall site speed by removing any unnecessary attachments and compressing large images.


The final result is a website that is taking increasing numbers of applications and helping to establish EuropAssistance as one of the premier insurance companies that are better to work in Europe.

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