Mellow Grow

Mellow Grow is a platform to invest in CBD managing your own pieces of land in the metaverse getting a guaranteed profit

website development

MellowGrow customer came with the GrowToEarn gamification idea in order to create a platform where the user can rent pieces of land where they will plant CBD seeds. 

Our client asked us to help them build an online presence by creating a virtual coin (Weedcoin), an investment land calculator, a community, e-commerce and an integration with crypto payments.

Although it would not be simple, we were ready to embark on this mission.




The objetive

To begin, we discussed the overall objective of the website and identified the main key areas to concentrate our efforts on. The project was primarily centered on two areas: improving the website’s usability by creating a virtual land map, and secondly focusing time and attention on their e-Commerce creating the virtual coin and wallet.

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The virtual Map

Our client chose WordPress technology to approach this project, so we needed to generate custom plugins in order to cover all the requirements asked. We started with the creation of an investment calculator, where, including as input the harvest start and due date, it automatically increases the price of the land accordingly.

virtual map metaverse website

As well, we generated in the Front End, a clickable map where the user can select where the plants will be located and how many pieces will rent.

New currency creation: Weedcoin

We accepted the challenge to integrate a virtual Wallet in a WordPress, allowing on top of that paying the products in the e-commerce with the new currency or with Euro.

For that, we created a solution where the user can top up their wallet using Paypal, credit card or crypto.

Membership Community

Another challenge we had was to automatically position a user in one of the agreed levels according to the level of spending that the user generates per month. In order to implement the business rules, we built another custom plugin associated with the admin panel.

Improving site speed

One of the many things Google checks for when it decides how to rank a website is how quickly it loads. This is because Google values the user experience, which means a website that runs smoothly and seamlessly will be more likely to rank higher. We worked on increasing our client’s overall site speed by removing any unnecessary attachments and compressing large images.


We were able to deliver the project within the tight timescales. What we developed has now become more of a platform, acting as a hub for community engagement, consequently making it easy to use. We are really happy with the result and we feel proud of the solutions we proposed and implemented.

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