CrossfitF15 Website

The best gym in Malta needed a stunning redesign of its website!

CrossfitF15 is one of the main gyms in Malta. They help you become the best version of themselves. This is why they asked Martza to give a new look to their website in some key sections like the “how to join”, “the F15 Team” or create a new section for the personal training.

One of the main changes was to adapt the timetable and memberships to the mobile phone view. The previous app frame didn’t work as it should, and phone users were not able to see the weekly schedule or the memberships.


The idea

Our customer wanted a re-design of their current website to make it look more tidy and clear, creating an improved UI/UX in order to get new customers when visiting the website. CrossFit F15 already had a WordPress site, and therefore we had to adapt the new design to the current style and colours, ensuring that the rest of the website keeps working perfectly, without any broken link or missing functionality.

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New Timetable

The biggest challenge was to adapt the current weekly schedule for the mobile view. The current website uses a frame to show the users the weekly schedule. That frame in fact loads the booking app timetable from Resawod. However, when users accessed the website from their phone, they couldn’t load properly the schedule, and the app was presenting an error and asking the user to use the desktop version.

Therefore, our mission was to create a new timetable, following the website design, which was totally responsive and adapted to the mobile phone view.

The main difficulty was that it required an interactive schedule, where users could select any of the classes and a new window will be opened and provide further information about the selected class.

The final result was working perfectly and solved the issue with the mobile view.


New Sections

Some pages of the old website didn’t have a good style and the presentation was not clear enough for the clients. Our mission was to redesign those sections and make sure that our client’s idea and purpose was fully transmitted to its clients in a tidy and beautiful way, keeping the website style and providing a modern look with some great effects and animations all over the Website.

Administration Panel Tools

In Martza Tech we always want to make our client’s life easier. That is why we tried to help CrossfitF15 to make the administration of the website and content update an easy task.

For that we took 2 actions: we used WP Bakery tool, allowing them to easily update the content of the website; build two plugins in the WordPress Admin Panel so they could create new pages for team members and Personal Trainers just with a few clicks! 



The final result is a website that is helping CrosffitF15 to be the first CrossFit Gym in Malta, offering the best services and always trying to give the best service to their clients.

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