Landlord Care

Landlord Care is Property Management company that offers hassle-free property management services to take care of every aspect of your property, allowing you to relax and enjoy life without worry.

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Our client is property management based in Malta.

They will assess the best way to make your property successful and manage it with their resources and expertise to maximize your returns through short-term rental. For room rental, they handle the decorating and refurbishing, contracts, finding the best tenants, and maintenance and cleaning. For long-term rental, they look for families or couples for a minimum one-year period, ensuring a good atmosphere for the house and neighborhood.



Transformative Web Design & Rebranding

Our client was seeking a website that would stand apart from the competition with its fresh, sophisticated look. We delivered on that vision by crafting a range of eye-catching, cutting-edge designs, complemented by a bold new logo and striking color palette. To meet the client’s request for increased flexibility, we incorporated custom content blocks that allowed for maximum versatility.

Through our exceptional web design and rebranding expertise, we successfully transformed our client’s online presence, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and setting them apart from their competitors.

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Improving site speed

One of the many things Google checks for when it decides how to rank a website is how quickly it loads. This is because Google values the user experience, which means a website that runs smoothly and seamlessly will be more likely to rank higher. We worked on increasing our client’s overall site speed by removing any unnecessary attachments and compressing large images.

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