Blockchain News #1

Gain top insights about the most significant moves in the world of Blockchain.

Kickstart your day by getting an insight into the current bitcoin price. Here you can get collective news information and articles about what’s happening in the digital and Decentralized finance world. Here we start by sharing the recent news related to the Blockchain.

  1. Ukrainians launches the “NFT Museum” as a new way to finance the war.

Ukraine’s Government has decided to use virtual assets/ NFT to solicit the funds for the ongoing war with Russia. The country’s Deputy Prime Minister “Mykhailo Fedorov” recently announced on Twitter that the sales from the Museum of War will go into the crypto wallets and be utilized to offer aid to the injured army and civilians. The expected sales generation from it is $3 million.

  1. People can get ownership of the Miss Universe crown via NFTs.

Now even those who can’t be a part of the prestigious Miss Universe beauty pageant can have ownership of its crown. Soon, the fans of the beauty pageant will partially own the luxurious crown via the revolutionary NFT technology.   Non-fungible tokens are irreplaceable digital tokens representing digital artwork, music, and other items. Its popularity is booming because it offers exclusive rights to its owner. The fractionalized ownership of the international luxury crown will be based on the Ethereum blockchain NFT. This international luxury crown is expected to issue NFT in the second half of this year (2022).

  1. Metaverse launches its first fashion week.

Know all the top brands and designers who flaunted their Non-fungible tokens in the blockchain-based land. Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce&Gabbana, Estee Lauder, Forever 22, and the other brands actively participated in the metaverse fashion week. All the iconic fashion brands showcased their digital assets on the virtual fashion land. The massive highlight of the show was Sophia “The Robot”, who stole the attention in the whole fashion show, as users were dancing and clicking selfies with her.

  1. Dubai to welcome global Crypto exchange Bybit headquarters. is embarking on its new journey by establishing a regional hub in Dubai, and also, crypto exchange Bybit is going to open its headquarters there. The motive is to make the UAE a central virtual asset sector. As per the interview with Bybit, the headquarter is expected to commence in April. Moreover, the biggest crypto exchange company based in Singapore ( will be launching a recruitment drive for the same.

  1. Insight into Algorand crypto

Algorand has become a leader in cryptocurrencies. ALGO crypto is just like another cryptocurrency carried out for transactions. Algorand is a permissionless blockchain platform governed by a public ledger that runs on a decentralized protocol. It is completely safe and secure just like other cryptocurrencies. It was founded by Silvio Micali in 2017. For those who are looking to invest in new cryptocurrencies, this might be a good option for them.


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