Blockchain is the upcoming big player or just a hype?

Blockchain has been around for quite a few years, but earlier, the attention was all caught by cryptocurrency. The technology that drove crypto was not recognized… However, after sudden gains in cryptocurrencies, people started talking about blockchain, making clear that the technology behind cryptocurrencies is blockchain. Concisely, a Blockchain is a distributed ledger with time-stamped transactions that are peer-to-peer.

At first, the entire ethos was to decentralize away from central banks via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We can consider the inception of the blockchain as a campaign run to decentralize and control fiat money. Gone are the days when no one was aware of this technology. Everyone from the private to the public sector has opened their eyes to the blockchain offerings. It won’t be wrong to say that blockchain would change the world, and if you look around, there are endless possibilities.

Let us give you some insights into what is happening in the blockchain world.


Finland to sell their confiscated bitcoin at 75 million dollars.

The country’s finance minister announced Wednesday night that the country would donate “tens of millions of euros” earned through selling confiscated Bitcoin to Ukraine to support their war efforts. Finland currently holds bitcoin worth €75 million that got seized by customs officials.

Blockchain market is expected to hit $17 billion by the year 2027.

Blockchain will be a superhit in the global manufacturing market in the coming years due to its desire to smoothen operations with extreme precision. As per the marketing research reports, the value of the blockchain market in 2021 was worth $ 717.6 million expected to a growth rate of 66.4% from 2022 to 2027.

Analyzing digital collectibles and their environmental impact

NFTs allow artists to open up an entirely new realm of opportunities to connect with people. Every day one or the other celebrities show their interest in the emerging NFT technology. All the notable names are realizing the value that NFT has to offer.


According to the claims of some experts, the Southwest is indeed going to get benefits from cryptocurrency. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has clear intentions of making the UK a global crypto hub. With time, everyone will understand if the blockchain industry is going to be a revolution or an overhyped industry. In the coming years, you will be able to judge that.


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