6 reasons why NFTs are the future of digital assets

When the pandemic took over the world by storm around two and a half years ago, much of the world had not heard about NFTs or non-fungible tokens. In a manner similar to cryptocurrencies, NFTs are traded using blockchain technology, and these digital assets have gained massive recognition and popularity ever since.
Many artists, social media influencers, gamers, etc., have learned how to use NFTs properly and leverage them for their financial advantage. Most content creators who operate exclusively online prefer the digital nature of NFTs as they guarantee authenticity and ownership. Creators can make an NFT and receive money every time it is sold. It gives them total control over their art, and the blockchain records every NFT sale, which cannot be changed by anyone.
In Martza Tech we believe that NFTs are a golden opportunity for digital content creators and will surely be the future of digital assets.
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NFTs will lead to Art Democratization

Many people have the capability to make art, but who all can earn money out of it? Who is an artist, who owns a certain work of art, and who can access a certain work of art? The era of digitization has changed the answers to all these questions drastically because anyone who has a stable internet connection can view an artwork without actually being physically present near the artwork. 

People can view artworks from anywhere through a computer or mobile phone with virtual reality, offering people the chance to explore art exhibitions, museums, galleries, etc., right from their homes. Through NFTs, artists can create artworks and distribute them to whoever they want via online digital channels. There is no need to send art to gatekeepers who dictate what type an art is and who gets to access it. 

As NFT transactions take place over the blockchain, artists can be supported by the audience and have complete control over their careers.

Are you a digital artist? Do you want to sell your artwork and you do not know how to start? Let us guide you step by step and increase your collection visibility.

Fractionalization and Patronage

All NFT transactions over the blockchain are direct, and no third-party interference takes place in them. Therefore, NFTs can vastly change the patronage of art in the near future. Fans and art collectors will be able to support their preferred digital creators and artists directly.

Owning an NFT will allow partial ownership and fractionalization, where collectors and fans can receive a share of their favourite artist’s NFT sales and earnings. Thanks to the blockchain, creators will receive shares on any future sale of their NFT. Artists like it very much that they can receive royalties for their work and can earn a living out of NFTs.

Martza can help and guide creators and collection owners to create NFTs and configure royalties to give them a percentage of the sale price each time your NFT creation is sold on a marketplace. Contact us!

NFTs will drive Increased Representation and Diversity

The rapid rise of NFTs, art digitization and blockchain technology will push content creators and influencers to focus more on artwork that represents the real world surrounding us. As art gets increasingly democratized, many different groups of people can access it who were previously underrepresented. 

This is exactly what art should be about. It should provide us with a wide view of the world and make us familiar with experiences that are not common to us. Through NFT art, people can challenge their perspective and expand it further. The industry should work on elevating diversity within the NFT space and offer crypto education to women, BIPOC, and other underserved communities all over the world.

Use of New Media and Methods to Create Art

With the advent of so many new technologies, there will surely be many new media and methods to make and deliver artworks. Renowned artists like Marina Abramovic and Jordan Wolfson have already started using digital canvases to make art and have made it accessible via AR and VR.

Creating an experience out of a passive object or art is the new trend. Artworks that have daily utility, which can be worn, or a gamified artwork are some examples. The use of new technology will lead to new imaginations, and as technology advances, NFTs will become more advanced and creative along with it.

More Independence and Freedom to Creators

Artists gain a lot of independence and freedom when they start creating NFTs. Artists don’t need to team up with mega collectors, corporate patronage, global brands, etc., who may limit their creative ideas and vision. Advisors and art curators are important to guide budding artists with their understanding and experience in the field of art.

However, their influence will reduce as artists can create whatever they want and distribute their work among the relevant audience for their medium, art style, or message. Creators can make NFTs online and distribute them through their preferred digital platforms. As artists come up with newer forms of art, collectors will have a wide range to choose from and collect what they like.

A Different, Changed Future

NFTs are not just grabbing the attention of a certain group of people, they are rivalling traditional art and making it easier for people who want to collect or create their own art conveniently. The industry will continue to welcome new content creators and educate existing artists all over the world about NFTs and the technology behind them.

As the technology advances and becomes more user-friendly, more and more people will be a part of it and start creating unique NFTs. NFTs will truly connect artwork with people who value and enjoy every bit of it. 


Whether you should invest in NFTs or not is solely your personal choice, but we recommend you get started with them. The NFT market is on the rise, and people worldwide are making good money selling and buying these tokens. Anyone can create a collection of NFTs, but only the market decides its value over time.

If there are no potential buyers for an NFT, its value may go down. Hence, you should always keep value fluctuations in mind if you want to trade NFTs. One thing is for sure, NFTs will continue to grow in the near future and are certainly the future of digital assets. 

Are you a buyer of NFTs? A digital artist? Or are you just looking for new blockchain and NFT businesses?

Send us all your queries and we will be able to provide you with all the necessary information to be part of this new digital era, and start using blockchain technologies without the need for technical knowledge or spending large amounts of money on untrustworthy consultants and websites.

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